jeudi 4 mars 2010

Oscar Perry - Just What You Ordered _________('D' TouchVersion)_______

  • After my edit/remix ' teasin' me'
  • another incredible beat from monsieur 'Oscar Perry'
  • it was in the 70's now
  • exactly from 1978 ,
  • but ar' Y ready for the shock ?
  • a really dangerous composition & harmony beat
  • my last edit /remix to begin Mars 2010 ;
  • Why is it unknow ? I m really don't understand !!!
  • it could be the first realise from YHR (YellowHorizonRecords)
  • yo dude , take it download it , and share it all over the world now...
  • MP3 HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

nice post. thanks.

Anonyme a dit…
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Tonton Décibel !!! a dit…

thanks my friend anonyme

Tonton Décibel !!! a dit…

cher anonyme french du 24 MAI
impo de valider ta com
il y a de la pub dedans ;

merci a toi pour le compliment