lundi 7 juin 2010

Juana Records .... the story

Juana Records pronounced (WA- NA) 
was launched in 1975 by Frederick Knight and childhood friend Clinton Harris, After Stax's demise .

Frst act to record for Juana was the Controllers 
with the single "Pictures And Memories/ Is That Long Enough For You"
(I'm think it's the first single from the band ,and maybe the first juana realised !)

Then came Anita Ward’s mega hit “Ring My Bell” 
which launched Juana Records into the World Wide Sales Arena.
Anita say in a interview  that she didn't want to sing this song 
because she only like singing slows ...
...and it  was a super hit all over the world , incredible but it's the true story !!!

on juana rec 
we have not a lot of band :
'  the controllers , anita wards , tommy tate (for the dollar bill)
, true image (very rare 7 inch)  cl blast and frederick himself  !'
maybe the best for me from Frederick  is ' let me ring your bell again ' from 1981 
amazing song writed for Anita under the name ' ring my bell" what story this song !
and ' if you love your baby' from the 78 lp ' let the sunshine in'

a lot of of people think that frederick and anita had a love affair , but it s wrong , never

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