vendredi 9 juillet 2010

Midnight Express Show Band - Can You Party , Dance ( very rare live special)

THE TRUE STORY OF THE BAND  BY Monsieur Robbie M. himself !

I had been trying to rejuvenate the previous band that I was a member of called "All Together As One" (ATAO)
but with little success.
One day while jamming with several musician friends,
one of them asked me if I wanted to meet a guy who played drums. 
His name was Melvin Martin. 
After our meeting he seemed interested in helping to start a new band. 
We both started trying to recruit members. 
We started with the rhythm section and later added several female vocalists.
The band called itself "Midnight Express".
The band began to gig and gain popularity. 
They soon added a horn section which made them a 10-piece band. 
As the band's popularity continued to increase
they began to perfect their showmanship and
the name changed to "The Midnight Express Show Band".

The members and their roles were as follows:

Robert Muskeyvalley - Lead Singer
Larnette Winston - Vocalist
Vivian Freeman (Gardner) - Vocalist
Melvin Martin - Drums and Percussions
Terry Patton - Bass and Rhythm Guitar
Richard Farrar - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Austin Mc Neal - Piano-Organ (Fender Rhodes)
Tony Banks - Lead Trumpet
Reggie Woods - 2nd Trumpet
Mark Hart - Alto Sax
only for all the boogie funky lover a special sample live 
take care ! it's very very dangerous !
( sorry for the bad quality but it's live )


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