dimanche 17 janvier 2010

Barbara Mason - 5'' With B.M.

Singer/songwriter Barbara "Lady Love" Mason, one of the true pioneers of Philly-Soul, was born in Philadelphia, She begins in 1964 with Arctic Record Company at the age of 17 and 1965 made her first succes with 'I'm Ready' single. Two years with National General before in 1972 sign with Budahh Rec. After 1977 LP DUO with Bunny Sigler on Curtom 1978, Barbara signed with Prelude Records and released the "I Am Your Woman, 1980 Barbara signed with the Philly-based label and released "A Piece of My Life", produced by Norman "Butch" Ingram; the brain behind Philly Cream and a member of the Ingram family (remembered in the U.K. for their club classics "Smoothin' Groovin'" and "Mi Sabrina Tequana"). "She's Got The Papers (But I Got The Man)", Butch Ingram and Barbara continued collaborating after WMOT went out of business and in 1984, with West End
but she say on the interview : ''something also happened with my deal with West End. In fact I had to sue them because they would not pay me correctly. They made all the money from "Another Man". The only money I made was from performing a little bit in clubs around New York, but the real money that I should have gotten, the producer took it." Best Funk/Soul LP from her is maybe the 84 Tied Up on Other End Rec.(UK Label) under the name Barbra Mason 'but in fact it's a EP with Five songs) and the 1980 on WMOT 'A Piece Of My Life' (klick on the picture now...) Barbara interview avaible here

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