samedi 23 janvier 2010

Special Delivery - Get Up! Expres Y0urself

The group was formed in 1972 under the name ACT 1. Members were Reginald Ross, George Parker and Roger Terry. Terry Huff joined the group in 1974, they recorded a LP ' ACT 1' on spring Rec. 1975 they change the name & became ' First Delivery' Terry Huff recorded and produced "The Lonely One" on 1976 on Mainstream rec. with help from Al Johnson. 1978 the band recorded a another éponymous LP without Terry Huff on Shield Rec. produced by George Parker. Next album & maybe the last ? was “Living on the run” in 1981 on M&M Rec. Members were George Parker, Reginald Ross, Andre Sanders, Mick Jessup (lead vocal), Sylvester Lee, Janice Lee and Veronica Martin. Produced again by George Parker

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