vendredi 8 octobre 2010

Dim's From Paris Ovation !

...when the past become présent,
I used to listen Mrs Dim' on French radio at the end of 80's , 
when he presented the section' import music'
with champ' disque partner and many more , 
maybe it was in' malakoff' ,
I'm remember too , the studio ' couleurs studio' 
at ' auvers/oise' near Paris 
or have been  mixed the Pure energy Megamix
for the label Prism in 1987/88
but anywhere this man got a full true touch ,
All these Philly sound reedit ar' simply powerfull !!!
thx Dim' thx to all the staff too and P !
Dimitri From Paris-35 min of Philly Sound PROMO by bbemusic

4 commentaires:

Raggedy a dit…

Philly Sound FOREVER!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Fantastic! Philly Sound forever!


Tonton Décibel !!! a dit…

oh yessssssssss Raggedy

klingon4k4eh a dit…

miam miam , on en redemande de ce terrible son !!!