mercredi 13 octobre 2010

Sir Ted Ford - Disco Music ( Ardent Rec./ UK label) G.C. Cameron - wait till tomorrow

Ultra Rare single on this rare label, 
I'm think it's the firt realise on this ' paul mooney'  label

" The tracks were recorded in Los Angeles 
but were released in the UK on the Ardent label in July 1979.
Fred Wesley's horn section was used on 'Disco Music'.
Maxine Willard (Waters) and Julia Tillman sang backing vocals.

Paul Mooney " 

thx to Paul for the infos


10 years after a another great 
was  with G.C.Cameron ( wait until tomorrow) , 
(  realise  on US LABEL 'Jamila Rec.' too, 
but one or two years after
under the title 'wait till tomorrow'  )

" The break came when Robert Rosenthal, a local radio promoter and acquaintance of G.C.'s, sent some tapes to a contract he had in England, Ardent Enterprises' Paul Mooney, based in Co. Durham.
Paul was suitably impressed and eventually released the tracks, "Wait Until Tomorrow" and "Shadows", independently on rden in February of this year (1989) ten years after the label's only prior release —. 

with a view to achieving greater recognition for his talented friend.

G.C. was so appreciative of Paul's sterling efforts that they eventually agreed to an exclusive management and publishing pact... even though the pair have never met!
There exists an obvious mutual trust, respect and understanding between them, as G.C. relates. "When I was in the marines ... I learned to deal with human characteristics kind of closely, and trusting people."

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