lundi 11 mai 2009

Black Ivory - Walking Downtown(saturday Night) 12INCH 1976 BUDDAH REC.

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Black Ivory was formed in 1969 by fellow members, Russell Patterson, and Stuart Bascombe. Even though Black Ivory released some great singles during the 1971-73 period, their label Today Records was going though some financial problems, so the group vowed to get out of their contract. After being released from their contact in late 1973, the group signed with the newly formed " Kwanza Records label in early 1974. " Kwanza" was a subsidary of Warner Bros. They recorded a funky get down single called "What Goes Around ( Comes Around)" and released it around the spring of 74,along with an appearance on tv's Soul Train. The label would fold very quickly, which prompt the group to sign with Buddah records in early 1975. They recorded a LP," Feel It" and release another great ballad, " Will We Ever Come Together". They continued to record for the label until their LP in 1977, " Black Ivory". By then steam was running out for the group and Leroy Burgess left the group, leaving Bascombe and Patterson to form Black Ivory as a duo. Their last hit as a twosome was a dance club favorite named, " Mainline" in 1979. They split up in early part of the 80's , after a last lp ''Then And Now ' on Panoramic Records.

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