samedi 2 mai 2009

Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Everything Is Love(Edit2009)PHASE2

QUESTION : IS THE SOUL MUSIC CAN KILL ? ANSWER ---) Mighty Clouds Of Joy CAN REALLY KNOCK YOU OUT ... FROM THE 1975 LP KICKIN' THE LAST SONG : 2009 RECONSTRUCTED /TIME : 8.OO The legendary gospel group Mighty Clouds Of Joy celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2008. They're still going strong and sound great. The leader and lead singer then and now is Joe Ligon (born Oct. 11, 1936 in Troy, AL). He moved to Los Angeles as a teen and formed the group in high school with Johnny Martin(d.1987), Richard Wallace, Leon Polk and Ermant & Elmo Franklin.(d. 2008), . They signed with Peacock Records and made their first recording in 1959. They've always been popular for their great sound and showmanship. They were known as The Temptations Of Gospel. But a funny thing happened in the mid-70s. Somehow their 1975 song Mighty High became a huge disco hit. The Clouds were the first gospel group to appear on Soul Train. People didn't know it was gospel but it was. Of course it was their only mainstream hit but they continue to record ...

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