lundi 11 mai 2009

Jackie Stoudemire & Al Stewart - Dancing (Taps REC.)1981

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Jackie Stoudemire grew up in Harlem, not far from the temple, and attended the High School of Music & Art with Annette Denvil. By 1982 standards, Jackie was patently hip, hanging with schoolmates Dana Dane and Slick Rick’s Kangol Crew. In Jeremiah’s eyes, she combined the perfect trait set: mature talent and work ethic with youth and impressionability. Within a few months, she was in-studio with Redd and Yisrael, where she would spend the lion’s share of 1982.

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Anonyme a dit…

quel voix , j adorre


yes , Jackie c'est la puretée

absolue de la jeunesse ,

une vrai déesse ,

a bientot the unknow !