mardi 7 avril 2009

First Touch - It's Yours

............(music link in jpeg ! click on )................... A REAL GOOD NEWS MY FRIEND FOR YOU IF YOU LIKE SHARON REDD STYL ... IF YOU NEVER FORGET STARPOINT MUSIC ... THIS BEAT IS FOR YOU ...IS FOR US JUST ARRIVED ON THIS YEARS 2009 I'M HONORED TO PRESENTE THE BAND '' First Touch '' with a real' special touch of sound'... MESSAGE FROM FIRST TOUCH : 'Finally here it is, the long awaited First Touch debut longplayer. During a creative period of almost two years and several unexpected breaks and ups and downs, the two band members nanthara and jelly put all strength together and selected ten fine boogie tunes to please your thirst for authentic true 80's funk'n'disco grooves. It's officially released early 2009 on their own homebase label Highsteppin records. The tunes were completely mastered by our partner in crime Reeno at spazzoid studios nyc. The group's first release got a great approach that hints at more sophisticated soul styles, but which is still firmly in charge of those bass-driven grooves that made the late 70ies disco, early 80ies funk years so fascinating to funkheads all around the world. Originality is the ruler of the set, and most tracks here vamp around in a very smooth modern soul style of groove. Lots of chord progressions jumping around irresistible rhythms, a reduced but effective ensemble arrangement style, and not to mention an armada of synthesizers help keep things clean and mean. From the smooth midtempo tune 'all because of you' to the more uplifting gem 'it's yours', you can't help but smile. Groove & move to the debut lp from this Germany/Mannheim based funk group, delivering a long lost goodtimesfeel along with the side-dishes of boogie and modern soul.'' MY FRIEND REENO TELL ME :(08 avr. 2009, 13:14 ) The music was all written and produced by First Touch. I only mastered the album at my NYC studio, but all the music was recorded by them in Germany. If you like their music, you should have a listen to my own productions..very similar. E N J O Y THIS TUNE ... LP IS FOR YOU NOW ,(click for dload lp) don't forget it's free but do what you can to help this band , thk's , your Dj T.D.

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shhworldwide a dit…

hello...any way you could re-up this album..i can't seam to find it anywhere..thank you