dimanche 5 avril 2009

Joe Simon - Falling in love with you(full lp)

A magic sound , Mrs Joe Simon from 1981 lp ' Glad You Came My Way' on Posse REC. At the turn of the 80s Simon joined the Nashville Posse label, making a very welcome return to country soul. Cuts like “Magnolia”, the lively “Love Look At Us Now” and the delicate “Baby When Love Is In Your Heart” are simply magnificent. But the pick is the beautiful “Glad You Came My Way”. This classic had a super melody and Joe at his most introspective almost caresses the lyric. Such dynamic range and control. This return to form continued as he signed for Compleat in the mid-80s. “Morning Noon And Night” and “Let Me Have My Way With You”, despite the lack of sweetening, are amongst the best black music from that decade. Simon’s last secular 45 found him back with Richbourg cutting the fine Tony Joe White penned "Alone At Last"/ “Stay Love” but J.Richbourg passed away and Simon lost heart. These days Bishop Joe Simon leads his congregation in song, his glorious mellow voice still capable of sending shivers down your spine. Long may he continue to do so.

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Anonyme a dit…

Funkadour; super magnifik titre!!!!


yeah Joe est une perle ,

Au plaisir funkadour ,

il y aura tjours un petit son se Joe ici .