dimanche 12 avril 2009

Hi-Tension VS Hi Tension TWO 12'' INCH REMASTERING 2009

A TERRIBLE BAND NORTH WEST LONDON!! THE PUR SOUND OF LONDON CITY with monsieur david joseph ...... (Hi Tension started as Hot Waxx Which included Phil Fearon (Galaxy and Kandidate) and Lloyd Phillips brother of Paul (Kandidate) in the early '70's before becoming the famous Hi-Tension) FIRST LP ON ISLAND REC. 1978. & A LOT OF 12 INCH AFTER. THE TEAM : David Joseph, Jeffrey Guishard, Leroy Williams, Paul Phillips The band split in the early '80's with David Joseph pursuing a solo career. In 1984 Ken, Leroy and Jeff reformed the band (with other members david joseph Paul Phillips on the recording sessions) and released 'Rat Race' in 1984, and 'You Make Me Happy' (Recorded as 'Happy' by Surface end 1985) . I adjust the equalization and dynamic music to highlight the power of these two titles DIRECT FROM THE 12INCH VINYL IF YOU LIKE UK SOUND from left to right mono to s t e r e o , h u s t l e evrybody! your dj T.D.

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