jeudi 27 août 2009

Bad Child - Sweat (choo do be) Decca Rec. 1974

Bad Child 05 - sweat (choo do be) 7 11 by Funky Remix From the faboulus LP 'First Fight' the sound Afro / Funk French with member of Afro Lafayette Band !!! Be Carefull Bro. coz it's a very ----D a n g e r o u s ---- beat .........;

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funkvideo a dit…

A sweet soul instrumental at first and the a great vocal performance from this obscure group -- and a cut that romps around with a bit of the spiritual undercurrent you'd find in start-of-the 70s work by Edwin Hawkins or The Staple Singers. GREAT !!!

The Unknow DJ a dit…

I m happy you like it funkvideo

it s obscure but great ... thk's