dimanche 23 août 2009

Satisfaction Unlimited - Think Of The Children LP 1972

A1 Bright City Lights
A2 I Know It´s Love
A3 Spread Your Love Around
A4 Let´s Change The Subject
A5 Think Of The Children
B1 Time For Us
B2 Somebody Else´s Woman
B3 Why
B4 Seeing You Through The Eyes Of A Blindman
B5 Don´t Call Me, I´ll Call You
B6 Come On Back

2 commentaires:

Duncanmusic a dit…

Talk about missed opportunities. I was getting promotional copies from Buddah Records and their subsidiaries Hot Wax, Brut, Cobblestone, Curtom, and more and HAD this one, Rodriquez, Fresf Flavor, Midnight Movers, Swamp Dog, and all that Bill Withers and Creative Source stuff and didn't really appreciate all of it when I had them (qa couple I DID get hip to) back in 1972. I am so glad SOMEONE thought to check these titles out before they disappeared onto the trash heap of history. Thanks for posting this so I may redeem myself 40 years later.

Anonyme a dit…

this is great!